Álvaro Coach - Personal Training

Why choose a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a professional specialized in the design and supervision of personalized physical training programs for each individual.

Personal trainers can work independently, in gyms, fitness studios or even offer in-home services.

In my case, I have my work in several gyms and, in addition, I work independently helping each student to strive for their goals and not give up. You can see the opinion of some of my students in the Testimonials section of the website. "

If you have never worked with a personal trainer, I encourage you to give it a try. Whether it's with me or another trainer, it will always be beneficial for you to achieve your fitness goals and wellness more effectively and safely.

Why train with me?


Certified Studies: Experience in multiple trainings and full knowledge of exercise physiology and other related areas.


Tested results: You can see some of my students' opinions in the Testimonials section.


Personalized approach: Fully tailored to each individual based on their personal situation.


Motivation: Providing emotional support and always being present. You will not feel alone.


Up-to-date knowledge: As a great professional I am always studying new forms and techniques, so that I can be up to date and offer advice based on science and my own daily efforts.


Empathy: I am there to listen and understand your needs. Establishing a relationship of trust is key to improving together.


Variety of approaches: I offer different trainings; strength, resistance, flexibility, rehabilitation, pilates...

Training Objectives

Be Healthy!

I am here to guide you
in the conquest of
your goals.